I was asked to create the gold bodice for Kryolan Official's Persephone's Rise campaign.  The images from the campaign were used for the cover & editorial fashion spread for M.U.I. Make-Up International; for the cover & imagery of the Kryolan 2016 Calendar; & for their promotional materials.  Photoshoot took place in Lodon.  Credits below.

Video:  Kryolan

Introducing Persephone’s Rise – Queen of the Underworld. Kryolan’s latest and most creative campaign to date. 

Inspired by a Greek mythological tale of betrayal, transformation and power, head of make-up for Kryolan UK Paul Merchant has devised and created a breathtaking campaign that explores a journey of character transformation through a variety of make-up techniques and looks. 

Discover Persephone’s journey from the light of the earth to the darkness of the Underworld through Paul’s make-up looks of exaggerated perfections and heightened contrasts of color. 

Follow the link to get your hands on a copy of #MUIissue2 and read more about Persephone's Rise on page 4. kryolan.com/product/make-up-international-magazine-2-english

Project Director: Nadine Langer & Paul James Merchant - Make-up Artist
Head of Make-up & Make-up Designer: Paul Merchant
Make-up: Hannah Maestranzi, Tara Moghaddam, Samantha Ellis, Natalie Wright
Photo: Camille Sanson Photographer
Set Design: Lyndon Ogbourne
Fashion Styling: Emily Holmes
Hair: Nathan Jasztal