On Monday, I installed Cause & Effect at the Abigail Ogivly Gallery in Boston for the upcoming show Dualisms curated by David Guerra of Darkroom.  The show opens March 4th and runs through the end of the month.

As a trained landscape architect, I approach most of the work I do through the tools and processes of architecture. The precision, the exactitude, the layering, the mapping, the materials, the interlocking nature of the work, the relation of form & viewer - this is what landscape is about, this is what architecture is about – and though the piece takes on a certain form, the form is a result of these processes.

Much of my work I consider to be drawing. Cause & Effect is a three-dimensional drawing and way of mapping that speaks to the duality between the built and the elusive, the material and the immaterial, the physical and the spiritual. The piece is created in such a way that the wooden elements are held by the tension of the string - one is supported by the other but both work together as one to create a secondary drawing reflected on the wall in shadow. This secondary drawing alludes to the elusive, the nature of the immaterial, the spiritual and the sublime.